Migration Services

Migration services - Open source

Platform Migration
  • Migrate to public cloud

  • Migrate to private cloud

  • Cloud to cloud migration

Typical workload
  • Microservices deployment

  • Legacy application re-hosting

  • Database workload migration to cloud

  • Workload migration automation to cloud

  • Cloud to cloud migration for multi cloud policy

Platform Migration Methodology
  • Deployment options

  • Assessment & recommendation of workload

  • Lift & shift / re-architect / cloud native services

  • Acceptance criterion and test cases

  • Security considerations, Data migration, Parallel run, and Go live

  • Deployment platform sizing

  • Migration & deployment phase

  • Application testing

Database Migration methodology
  • Migrating to open source databases

  • Decades of experience in open source databases

  • Comprehensive approach to minimize risks and increase productivity

  • Typical use cases of migration of legacy databases and on prem databases

  • Workload identification

  • Postgres compatibility

  • Migration plan and estimation

  • Data migration and application testing

  • Parallel run

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