MongoDB is the leading Document based database.

MongoDB is the leading Document based database, empowering businesses to be more agile and scalable. Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike are using MongoDB to create new types of applications, improve customer experience, accelerate time to market and reduce costs. In today’s constantly evolving data strategies, MongoDB tops in the list of favorites for its known as being the best in its class, low cost, reliable NoSQL data solution to overcome business challenges, application needs and technical resource capabilities.

MongoDB has chosen us as the first partner in the GCC region to cater to the key application needs such as high scalability and concurrency.

Benefits of our offerings

Powered with open source architecture that can efficiently scale out in a clustered environment, it is centered around a cross-platform document data model that can effectively flex with programming paradigms and is loaded with a breadth of functionality that can elegantly cater needs of contemporary software developers.

  • All round operational support

  • Design & architecting skills for your current & future needs

  • Providing automation to address rapidly scaling landscape

  • Integration & deployment expertise to simplify the complexities

  • Unbiased, independent insights for better & smarter decision making

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced

Providing a fine-tuned package of software, support, certifications, services, MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is the best way to run MongoDB on your own infrastructure. Many organizations use it to accelerate time for competitive advantage while reducing costs and risk.

MongoDB Atlas

Fully managed MongoDB across AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, with proven practices and best in class automation. They guarantee availability, scalability, compliance with most demanding privacy standards and data security.

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