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Technical services - Open source

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From Oracle to PostGreSQL
  • Discovery phase

  • Pre assessment migration questionnaire

  • Checking compatibility for EDB/PGSQL

  • Analysis of incompatible objects

  • Schema migration to EDB/PGSQL on UAT DB Servers

  • DB objects Migration

  • Online/Offline based migration mode

  • Remote support for App testing

  • Parameter tuning

  • Data migration

  • Seamless transition

Deploying highly available PostgreSQL
  • Configuration of high availability

  • Architecture & Design review

  • Functional testing of the instances of PostGreSQL

  • Installation and configuration of the instances

Architecture design, capacity planning & sizing
  • System health maintenance

  • Open source technology assessment

  • Choosing right fit technologies


  • Design & architecture review

  • Install and setup, on premises or in cloud environments

  • Log rotate settings configuration

  • Security hardening implementation

  • Adding users & roles

  • Authentication and authorization configuration

  • Functional testing of setup configuration

MongoDB Ops Manager
  • Design & Architecture review

  • Install and setup MongoDB, and Ops Manager

  • Configure MongoDB agent for monitoring

  • Configure/Setup backup daemon services

  • Schedule a backup

  • Replication setup on premise or in cloud

  • Log rotate settings configuration

  • Service enablement, and configuration ps manager service & app

  • Setup configuration functional testing


  • Consulting on cluster sizing

  • Consulting & DIscovery session on Data source and ingestion

  • Design & Architecture session

  • Installation/Configuration of 3 nodes cluster, Kibana

  • Installation/Configuration of Beats upto 5 data source

  • Elasticsearch configuration

  • High availability clusters and shards

  • Elasticsearch cluster tuning

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